My Philosophy on Adult Education

After having completed Zinn’s Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory Questionnaire, I’m able to glean a bit of insight into my personal beliefs about teaching in a post-secondary institution.

What I found most interesting about taking the questionnaire, was that in certain sections I strongly agreed with all of the statements, even though each statement was clearly dedicated to a different philosophy:

My primary roles as a teacher of adults is to

So I figured that my results would probably be fairly balanced and I guess the experience I’ve had as an instructor so far has led me to believe that all learners are different and the best way to teach is through a variety of methods.  As it turns out, I’m a progressive behaviorist with strong liberal undertones.  The humanistic philosophy wasn’t too far behind, with radicalism bringing up the rear:

My PAEI Ratings.pngAs my future focus is leaning pretty heavily towards facilitating an accredited curriculum in a self-directed and self-paced online learning environment, I’m not too surprised by the results.


2 thoughts on “My Philosophy on Adult Education

  1. Interesting results. My results were similar, a progresssive behaviorist, as well. I also teach in a credited program that is heavily dependent on skills demonstration for licensure, so I also was not surprised by my results.


  2. Great writing Adam! I am taking the PIDP also but I am not an instructor! While reviewing other people’s blog posts to get an idea of what people were talking about for Cognitive Science I came across your blog- it is so well done and I so enjoyed reading all your posts and I loved your transformation blog – it was so funny (but informative too)! Keep blogging – I am now a follower!


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