Trends in Adult Education

One of the main trends in adult education is undoubtedly the self-paced online forum (see: PIDP at VCC).  People with full-time jobs and perhaps even parents of young children (see: me) are increasingly demanding access to learning content and systems at anytime from anywhere.  It’s a bit bizarre to think of a classroom or even a stationary home computer as being a burden or an inconvenience, but according to the e-Learning Industry, adult education is headed towards entirely mobile friendly platforms.

“Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is not simply eLearning on a mobile device. The eLearning material for mobile learning is specifically developed for mobile devices and the proper course content conversion demands skillful Instructional Design that is compatible with mobile devices. eLearning has become a fiercely consumer driven industry and the developers of eLearning contents focus on prioritizing the client’s needs.”

The other interesting trend in adult education that the article mentions is gamification, which aims at making learning fun and may even include ways in which to compete with your friends or through social networks.  Duolingo and Lumosity come to mind as primary examples making use of this trend.

It also reminded me of this fantastic TEDTalk about the potential to solve real world problems if we could find a way to harness the time and effort that game players committed towards their fantasy worlds:

What if such games were developed with the sole purpose of learning new content and were accessible entirely on your mobile device?



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