You may have noticed I’ve become a big fan of infographics lately, so I decided to reflect on a recent infographic submitted by a classmate, Charlene Hutchison, on Self-Assessment.

Her layout is really clean and concise and provided an excellent overview of the concept of self-assessment.  It’s a strategy that I am incredibly supportive of as an adult educator, ever since I’ve been engaged with it as a student in the PIDP.  Charlene’s infographic summarizes the reasons I’ve incorporated self-assessment into my own teaching:


It hasn’t gone entirely as planned so far.  There can be plenty of downsides if this strategy isn’t managed properly.  I couldn’t have stated them better myself:


All of these caveats have rung true to me as I’ve tried relentlessly to foster this skill in my students over the past 5 months.  However, none of the downsides of this strategy can’t be overcome by proper explanation, collaboration between student and instructor, a positive classroom environment founded on trust and respect, and effective rubrics.

What I’ve observed is that students have learned, through practice, that it’s best to be honest with themselves and take responsibility for their own learning.  This will help take the edge of the transition into the workplace when graduates won’t necessarily be given the feedback they’re used to when asked to write that first professional report or deliver a presentation.  They’re going to have to know for themselves if it’s good enough before their final product “goes to press”.  Being able to effectively self-assess is a huge step towards easing that burden.  It’s even starting to be a more integral part of early education:

At the end of the day, there’s no harsher critic of ourselves than ourselves.


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