Listen to Learn

I really enjoyed this video by former classmate, David Visentin. It had just the right amount of storytelling and humor to keep me engaged throughout. I thought the GoAnimate platform made an excellent choice for the digital project and I will be investigating that further. More importantly, his video taught me about this intriguing instructional strategy.

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Listening intently is an important aspect of communication and I suppose it is what I am expecting my students to do when I stand at the front of the class and lecture. While I know they’re hearing me, are they really listening?

Perhaps incorporating the listen to learn strategy, even for something as simple as a short lecture, would increase student engagement.

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One thing I like about this technique is it’s synergy with the chunk and chew model.  I also really like how the approach involves collaboratively reflecting about the listening in progressively larger groups. That reminds me of a jigsaw, which I’m already a huge fan of.

I guess the only question is: what should I get my students to listen to?

Perhaps a current, relevant podcast about a learning objective might do.  It’s kind of similar to a lecture but could be a bit more entertaining.

I can’t really think of any learning objectives in my program that require students to discern various sounds, but perhaps after learning about the hazards of construction, they could listen to the sounds of a construction site to identify the hazards that might be present.

This is another great tool for the toolbox that I hope to try out when the moment is right.


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