Field Trips

Take a look at this infographic about Field Trips by a classmate, Linda Dooley.

I was interested in this digital project because 1) I love infographics; and 2) I take my students on quite a few field trips – an instructional strategy that works really well in my occupational health and safety program.

It’s one thing to teach students about a construction site, it’s another thing to show them what it looks, sounds, feels and smells like.  To experience it.

While there are many benefits to this activity, the biggest drawback is logistics. I’ve experienced challenges such as finding a welcoming host, having the necessary class time, coordinating transportation, and planning induction training requirements.

One course I teach, for instance, is 4-hours per week, which I usually split into 2 x 2-hour blocks. But in order to accommodate field trips I had to have the foresight in the previous semester to ask for the course to be scheduled in 1 x 4-hour block so that I could gather the students, travel to a site, get a tour, and travel back to the college within the scheduled class time.

A great method of debriefing and reflecting on the field trip is Dyadic Interviews. In the next scheduled class, students pair up and interview each other about their experience on the field trip. Then they write and submit a short summary of the interview.


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