eLearning Tools Wiki

I had the great pleasure of working with some classmates to develop a wiki on eLearning tools.


This assignment helped me learn a lot about currently trending web 2.0 tools as well as the process of collaborating on a wiki.  A wiki is an excellent platform to allow students to collaborate (both synchronously and asynchronously) to create a digital artifact of their learning.

In this particular experience, three of us worked together to review 6 web 2.0 tools.  We agreed on the tools we would review, divided the labor, planned the format of our wiki pages, individually worked on our assigned pages, then reviewed and formatted the entire site prior to submission.

Skype, face-to-face meetings, and email was used to communicate between the group members and we used Google sites (classic version) to develop the wiki.

Overall, this was a very successful project founded on great collaboration and teamwork.  It demonstrated knowledge and skill with 21st century communication tools and displayed a wide range of educational technology tools that could be incorporated into anyone’s online learning experience.



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