Skype Call With My Learning Partner

I just finished a really fruitful discussion with my learning partner, Lauren Ashbee.  (Note: The picture above is for reference only – not a screenshot!)  Despite a pretty hectic travel schedule and a crazy difference in time zones (10 hours apart!) we finally managed to connect.  And I’m glad we did.

We talked about some trends in our respective fields and in adult education.  Things like online and mobile learning platforms – especially MOOCs – WHMIS 2015, and Masters level education in Dental Hygiene.  We thought it all summed up pretty neatly in the fact that training all Canadian workers in the new WHMIS 2015 requirements would be a perfect opportunity for a MOOC!

Because we both work in health sciences, we’re also feeling a push for higher education from our respective professional associations.  This may also prove to be an opportunity for online, self-paced learning since so many of us are already well down our career paths and simply don’t have the time to enroll in a full-time Masters program.

Overall, I could sense that we are both really motivated to become better instructors and better facilitators by incorporating the trends in adult education and applying them to the trends in our fields.  And for that I suppose we’ve come to the right place:  the PID!  I envy the fact that Lauren is after the PID so early in her teaching career.  I really wish I had enrolled long ago.  I’ve learned so much already in just 4 short weeks and it was great to discuss it with someone like Lauren, who has such similar aspirations and motivations.


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